Dynamics of Molecular Collisions XXV
50 Years of Reaction Dynamics
Asilomar,   July 12-17, 2015

Arthur Suits, Chair                 David Yarkony,  Co-chair

The 25th DMC meeting, celebrating 50 years of chemical reaction dynamics, will be held at the beautiful and historic Asilomar Conference Grounds near Monterey, California.  The DMC is a premier international meeting founded by Nobel Laureate John Fenn in 1965 and it has been chaired by several other Nobel Laureates since that time. It brings together experimentalists and theorists studying, at the highest level of detail, the physical basis of chemical phenomena.  The 2015 meeting will feature sessions on bimolecular reactions, on photochemical dynamics, on nonadiabatic dynamics, on reaction dynamics in clusters, interfaces and in the condensed phase, on cold and ultracold reactions of ions and neutrals, and on atmospheric and astrochemical dynamics. In addition we will award Millard Alexander and Carl Lineberger the 2015 Herschbach Medals in a special session.  The keynote lecture will be presented by Nobel Laureate Yuan T. Lee.
Meeting Program