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Click to Visit Thomas H. Linz's Faculty Page  
Thomas H. Linz
Title Assistant Professor
Office# Chem 367
Research Area Microfluidics, Electrophoretic Separations, Immunoassays, Mass Spectrometry
Phone (313) 577-2580
E-Mail tlinz@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/linzlab

Click to Visit Long Luo's Faculty Page  
Long Luo
Title Assistant Professor
Analytical(Materials and Physical)
Office# Chem 383
Research Area Electrocatalytic Materials and Electroanalytical Chemistry
Phone (313)577-0690
E-Mail long.luo@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page www.clas.wayne.edu/luogroup

Click to Visit Colin Poole's Faculty Page  
Colin Poole
Title Professor
Office# Chem 185
Research Area Research in my group is focused on theory and applications in separation science (gas, liquid and thin-layer chromatography); sample preparation procedures with an emphasis on micoscale and green methods; chemometric and data analysis techniques for interpretation and modeling chromatographic experiments; and the chemistry of ionic liquids.
Phone (313) 577-2881
E-Mail cfp@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit Mary T. Rodgers's Faculty Page  
Mary T. Rodgers
Title Professor
Office# Chem 29
Research Area Mass Spectrometry; Infrared Spectroscopy; Structure and Thermochemistry via Ion-Molecule Reactions, Collision-Induced Dissociation, and Theoretical Calculations.
Phone (313) 577-2431
E-Mail mrodgers@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page rodgers.chem.wayne.edu/rodgers

Click to Visit Sarah Trimpin's Faculty Page  
Sarah Trimpin
Title Professor
Office# Chem 373
Research Area Inventions, fundamentals, instrumentation, and applications of inlet ionization and vacuum ionization for use in mass spectrometry and more specifically laserspray ionization, matrix assisted ionization, solvent assisted ionization for high throughput, automated high sensitivity characterization of complex materials from well plates and surfaces including imaging.
Phone (313) 577-9823
E-Mail strimpin@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page mstmllc.com/index.html

Click to Visit Young-Hoon Ahn's Faculty Page  
Young-Hoon Ahn
Title Assistant Professor
Office# Chem 421
Research Area Oxidative protein modification, cytoprotection, chemical biology, protein semi-synthesis, small molecule screening, fluorescent probes
Phone (313) 577-1384
E-Mail yahn@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/ahngroup

Click to Visit Ashok S. Bhagwat's Faculty Page  
Ashok S. Bhagwat
Title Professor
Office# Chem 443
Research Area Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, Nucleic acid biochemistry, Carcinogenesis, Generation of antibody diversity
Phone (313) 577-2547
E-Mail axb@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page bhagwatlab.science.wayne.edu

Click to Visit Christine S. Chow's Faculty Page  
Christine S. Chow
Title Professor
Office# Chem 479
Research Area Nucleic Acid, Bioorganic, and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Phone (313) 577-2594
E-Mail cchow@wayne.edu
Group Page clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/chow

Click to Visit Andrew Feig's Faculty Page  
Andrew Feig
Title Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate School
Office# Chem 455
Research Area post-transcriptional gene regulation; non-coding RNAs; RNA-protein interactions; RNA folding thermodynamics; mechanism and regulation of C. difficile toxin A
Phone (313) 577-9229
E-Mail afeig@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/feiggroup

Click to Visit Tamara L. Hendrickson's Faculty Page  
Tamara L. Hendrickson
Title Associate Professor
Office# Chem 365
Research Area GPI membrane anchoring of proteins, indirect tRNA aminoacylation, accuracy mechanisms in protein biosynthesis, membrane proteins, protein-protein interactions, enzyme kinetics
Phone (313) 577-6914
E-Mail tamara.hendrickson@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/hendrickson

Click to Visit Louis Romano's Faculty Page  
Louis Romano
Title Professor
Office# Chem 461
Research Area Biochemistry, molecular biology, chemical carcinogenesis, DNA replicaton, enzyme mechanism
Phone (313) 577-2584
E-Mail ljr@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit John SantaLucia Jr.'s Faculty Page  
John SantaLucia Jr.
Title Professor
Biochemistry(Physical, Theoretical, Computational)
Office# Chem 485
Research Area Nucleic acid biophysical chemistry, structure and function, NMR structure determination, Ribosome structure and function, DNA and RNA Folding thermodynamics, structural bioinformatics of nucleic acids, 3D structure prediction of RNA, DNA based nanotechnology.
Phone (313) 577-0101
E-Mail jsl@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit Matthew J. Allen's Faculty Page  
Matthew J. Allen
Title Professor & Chair
Office# Chem 243
Research Area Lanthanide chemistry, contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging, catalysis, molecular imaging, coordination chemistry
Phone (313) 577-2070
E-Mail mallen@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/allengroup

Click to Visit Stephanie L. Brock's Faculty Page  
Stephanie L. Brock
Title Professor
Inorganic(Solid State and Nanomaterials)
Office# Chem 145
Research Area Synthesis, properties and applications of metal pnictide and chalcogenide extended solids and nanomaterials; sol-gel nanoparticle assembly; hybrid materials
Phone (313) 577-3102
E-Mail sbrock@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page clasweb.clas.wayne.edu/brockgroup

Click to Visit Stanislav Groysman's Faculty Page  
Stanislav Groysman
Title Associate Professor
Office# Chem 123
Research Area Synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, ligand design, catalysis, small molecule activation
Phone (313) 577-2689
E-Mail groysman@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/groysmangroup

Click to Visit Federico A. Rabuffetti's Faculty Page  
Federico A. Rabuffetti
Title Assistant Professor
Inorganic(Solid State and Nanomaterials)
Office# Chem 181
Research Area Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Functional Inorganic Solid State Materials and Nanomaterials
Phone (313) 577-9855
E-Mail far@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/rabuffettigroup

Click to Visit Claudio N. Verani's Faculty Page  
Claudio N. Verani
Title Professor & Associate Dean for Research
Office# Chem 143
Research Area Transition-metal coordination chemistry and surface science with emphasis on catalytic water splitting and metalloamphiphiles for molecular electronics and corrosion mitigation.
Phone (313) 577-1076
E-Mail cnverani@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/veranigroup

Click to Visit Charles H. Winter's Faculty Page  
Charles H. Winter
Title Professor
Office# Chem 153
Research Area Synthetic organometallic and inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoparticles, thin film growth by atomic layer deposition and chemical vapor deposition, and molecular orbital theory
Phone (313) 577-5224
E-Mail chw@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page clas.wayne.edu/wintergroup

Click to Visit Jin K Cha's Faculty Page  
Jin K Cha
Title Professor
Office# Chem 255
Research Area Organic synthesis; natural product synthesis
Phone (313) 577-1073
E-Mail jcha@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit David Crich's Faculty Page  
David Crich
Title Schaap Professor of Organic Chemistry
Office# Chem 221
Research Area organic chemistry, synthetic methodology, oligosaccharide synthesis, peptide synthesis and mechanism, radical chemistry
Phone (313) 577-6203
E-Mail dcrich@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page crichgroup.wordpress.com

Click to Visit Jeremy Kodanko's Faculty Page  
Jeremy Kodanko
Title Associate Professor & Associate Chair
Office# Chem 261
Research Area Organic synthesis, inorganic synthesis, metal-based drug design, catalysis, iron chemistry, ligand design and coordination chemistry.
Phone (313) 577-9043
E-Mail jkodanko@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/kodankogroup

Click to Visit Hien M. Nguyen's Faculty Page  
Hien M. Nguyen
Title Carl Johnson/Pfizer Professor of Organic Chemistry
Office# Chem 337/341
Research Area Carbohydrate Method Development, Oligosaccharide Synthesis, Glycobiology, Fluorination, Radiofluorination for PET Imaging, Catalysis
Phone (313) 577-2557
E-Mail hien.nguyen@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page nguyenresearchgroup.lab.uiowa.edu

Click to Visit Mary Kay Pflum's Faculty Page  
Mary Kay Pflum
Title Professor
Office# Chem 323
Research Area Protein post-translational modification, histone deacetylase proteins, chemical genetics, medicinal chemistry
Phone (313) 577-1515
E-Mail pflum@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/pflumgroup

Click to Visit James H. Rigby's Faculty Page  
James H. Rigby
Title Professor
Organic(Organic Synthesis)
Office# Chem 275
Phone (313) 577-3472
E-Mail jhr@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/rigby

Click to Visit Jennifer L. Stockdill's Faculty Page  
Jennifer L. Stockdill
Title Assistant Professor
Office# Chem 277
Research Area Synthesis of natural products, methodology development, synthesis and selective functionalization of peptides and proteins
Phone (313) 577-2605
E-Mail stockdill@wayne.edu
Group Page stockdillgroup.info

    Regina Zibuck
Title Associate Professor, Research & Director of Undergrad Studies
Office# Chem 101.5
Phone (313) 577-8367
E-Mail rzibuck@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit Vladimir Chernyak's Faculty Page  
Vladimir Chernyak
Title Professor
Physical(Theoretical, Computational)
Office# Chem 361
Phone (313) 577-2503
E-Mail chernyak@chem.wayne.edu

Click to Visit Wen Li's Faculty Page  
Wen Li
Title Associate Professor
Office# Chem 63
Research Area Photochemistry, ultrafast molecular dynamics, high harmonic generation and attosecond spectroscopy.
Phone (313) 577-8658
E-Mail wli@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/ligroup

Click to Visit Aaron S. Rury's Faculty Page  
Aaron S. Rury
Title Assistant Professor
Office# Chem 77
Phone 577-9008
E-Mail arury@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/rurygroup

Click to Visit H. Bernhard Schlegel's Faculty Page  
H. Bernhard Schlegel
Title Professor
Physical(Theoretical, Computational)
Office# Chem 375
Research Area Development and application of methods for exploring potential energy surfaces for chemical reactions using molecular orbital calculations
Phone (313) 577-2562
E-Mail hbs@chem.wayne.edu
Group Page chem.wayne.edu/schlegel

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