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Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The newly renovated Electron Microscopy Core Facility is administered by Lumigen Instrument Center and is located in the basement of the A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Building. Dr. Zhi Mei, "Mike", is responsible for training, instrument service and maintenance, safety, fee-for-service analysis, and laboratory policy. This facility consists of the 1417 sqare feet of space and houses two scanning electron microscopes (JSM-7600F) field emission SEM and (JSM-6510LV) tungsten SEM, a transmission electron microscope (JEOL-2010) and a sample preparation room. Designed as an open laboratory, each electron microscope has sufficient space for workgroups to gather for training and experimental collaboration. The sample preparation room consists of both soft and hard sample preparation equipment, including a precision ion polishing system, twin-jet electro-polisher, low speed diamond saw, polisher/grinder, ultrasonic cutter, dimpling grinder, carbon coater, gold sputter, stereo-optical microscope, ultrasonic cleaner, critical point drier, cryo-ultramicrotome and a fume hood. A Secador electronic desiccator cabinet and optical microscope are available for sample storage and for low magnification observation before SEM or TEM, respectively. Laboratory hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for services and training. Trained approved users have 24/7 card accessed.

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