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B.S. Major in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

B.S. Major in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

This is a NEW degree offered through the Chemistry Department which provides students with a solid foundation in chemistry and in-depth knowledge and training in biochemistry and molecular biology. Additionally, students are provided the opportunity to specialize in five different areas of biological chemistry (Bioorganic, Bioinorganic, Bioanalytical, Biophysical, and Health Sciences). The curriculum includes courses from chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and emphasizes both academic and practical training. This degree would be useful for pre-medical students or anyone interested in pursuing a career in a biomedical field. Please see a chemistry advisor or call 313-577-9930 if you would like to learn more about earning a BS in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology.

Degree Requirements: B.S. major in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

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