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Chemistry Grad Application FAQ

Chemistry Grad Application FAQ

  1. Should I pay the application fee?

    No. If you are selected for admission, the Chemistry Department will pay the application fee for you. We cannot refund fees that have already been paid. We will review your application and make a decision without the fee being paid. Your application should look like the image below. The box in red on your application page refers only to the Graduate Admissions decision. They may email you to ask you to pay the fee. Please do not pay it. If selected for admission, we will pay the fee on your behalf.

  2. When is the application deadline, and when do I need to submit all the materials?

    We recommend that international students have all materials submitted to Graduate Admissions by early December to have the best chance of admission and support. Application should be done online, and transcripts and letters of recommendation, and supporting documentation should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Applications received after December will be reviewed until all available positions have been filled.

  3. Do you require the WES evaluation for review of my application?

    No. Please upload your official or unofficial transcripts to the application. If you are accepted, the Chemistry Department will contact you to have you initiate the WES evaluation. You will need to pay for it, but the fee will be reimbursed by the university at the end of your first year. Please note that we do NOT require the evaluation in order to review your application and make a decision. You can wait until after your admission to initiate the evaluation.

  4. Are GRE's required?


  5. May I apply for Winter/Summer admission to the grad program?

    No, admission is only made for the Fall semester, which begins in August.

  6. I would like to apply for the M.S. program, how do I proceed?

    We do not offer an M.S. program.

  7. How should I apply

    Online application is required. We begin reviewing applications in December for admission the following August.
    Apply at: https://gradschool.wayne.edu/admissions/process

  8. Where do I send these materials?

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    Wayne State University
    5057 Woodward, Suite 6000
    Detroit MI 48202
    Ph: 313.577.4723
    Fax: 313.577.0131

  9. Should I also send the materials to the Chemistry Department?

    No, the Chemistry Department will be able to view the application materials uploaded to the application or sent to Graduate Admissions. We will review and make decisions on applications. Official notification of admission status comes from Graduate Admissions.

  10. My transcripts are not in English, is that OK?

    No. The Department needs to be able to review your transcripts to be able to make a decision on your application. Unofficial copies of your transcripts in English should be uploaded to your application. If you are selected for admission, we will contact you regarding an official transcript evaluation by WES.

  11. What are the minimum TOEFL scores?

    Successful applicants typically present iBT composite scores equal or better than 90 with all subsection scores equal to or better than 20. The university can accept the IELTS exam in place of the TOEFL, but it is not preferred by the Chemistry Department. The minimum allowed for consideration of admission on that exam is an overall band score of 6.5.

  12. May I submit copies of my TOEFL/GRE for consideration?

    You may submit unofficial copies of GRE or TOEFL for evaluation purposes but official copies are required before a formal offer may be made. In addition, your statement of interest, transcripts, TOEFL and GRE scores can be uploaded when you fill out the online application. We strongly recommend you attach whatever documents you have access to at that time.

  13. Will I be considered for financial support?

    All students admitted to the PhD program receive generous support in teaching or research assistantships. Note: you do not need to submit financial support documents with your application. If accepted, your letter of offer for assistantship will serve as proof of financial support.

  14. What information should I include in my statement of interest?

    Please submit a statement of interest describing the following points in no more than two pages: 1. Describe why you are interested in pursuing a PhD in Chemistry and your long-term career goals; 2. Describe any previous research experiences you have had.

  15. Can you tell me whether my application is complete?

    You can login to https://gradschool.wayne.edu/admissions/process to review your application status. We consider an application to be complete when we have received a response to the faculty of interest question, all transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a statement of interest, and TOEFL scores if applicable.

  16. When will I know if I have been accepted?

    The Department of Chemistry reviews completed applications on a rolling basis. When an applicant undergoes the first review, they are admitted, placed on hold for further review, or denied. When an applicant is admitted or denied they will receive notification by email from the department. All students receive notification on the final decision sometime between January and May.

  17. After filling out the online application, may I submit my supporting documents on paper through the mail?

    We strongly recommend that you submit your unofficial transcripts, statement of interest, 3 recommendation letters, and TOEFL score reports online if possible. Submitting your materials online allows us to view your documents much more quickly than if submitted on paper. You do not need to send paper copies of your statement of interest, resume/C.V., or related supporting materials if you have submitted them online. If your recommenders do not wish to use the online recommendation letter submission system, they may send their letters on paper to the Graduate Admissions Office. Alternatively, they may send an email to gradadmit@chem.wayne.edu identifying the applicant by full name and either the Web ID, Access ID, or Student ID.

  18. If I have more questions, who can I contact?

    The Graduate Academic Services Officer is Melissa Rochon.

Last updated: October 06, 2020 15:00

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